Projectile pooing!

This kind of sounds fun, right? I think my audience thought so – it was a clear winner with 82% of people picking this option. So, who is the culprit?

Many species of penguins!

GIF via Imgur

Well, someone picked a shitty place to sit…

This projectile pooing may look disgusting… but again, it’s an amazing adaptation! This way, the penguins can get rid of their wastes without leaving their nests – an act that could leave their home vulnerable to other penguins pinching it, or leave their eggs and chicks vulnerable to predation. It’s also more hygienic… unless you’re the one being pooed on.

Really capturing the moment. Photo: Flickr/barclakj

Back to the questions!
What you didn’t choose: Peeing through your mouth

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 6.26.54 pm


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