Use hip hop dance moves!

Selected by 56% of the audience, hip hop dance moves was the winning way to court a lover. But who’s really popping and locking? Prepare yourself for these magnificent moves…

The male sage grouse (several species in the genus Centrocercus)

These incredible birds may look like they’re popping a nice set of man boobs, but these structures are really modified air sacs – dramatically discharged from an esophageal pouch. The unusual ‘boing’ sound these sacs create when hit together can be heard from three kilometres away! It therefore works to help reel in the ladies and display their fitness at the same time too.

Nice jugs. Photo: Intermountain Region USFS

Air sacs are part of all birds respiratory systems and many other vertebrate have them too (think a croaking frog). For the sage grouse, adapting air sacs into majestic music makers has created one amazing courtship display.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 6.26.54 pmReference

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